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Survival Chinese Words that You May Need in China

We understand that the language barrier is always one of the biggest headaches for travelers like you in China, as Chinese seems to be a well-renowned difficult foreign language to master.

Rest assured that most public signs in big cities (Shanghai, Beijing…) are bilingual; also, most staff working in any international sector of business can speak decent English. However, if you want to explore China deeper as a local, learning some essential basic Chinese words and phrases will always help. The kit we list here should cover basic things for survival, and of course, our friendly local guides will always be here to welcome you and help with whatever you need!

Part 1: Daily basics


Part 2: Directions & Transportation


Part 3:Shopping & Dining:


⚠️ The concept of Vegetarian food is not as widely accepted in China as western countries yet. If you are a vegetarian or have any food allergies, make sure to confirm with the waiter before ordering.


Part 4: Signs you might see


 Part 5: Numbers & Time:

We hope this article could help you get around in China more comfortably and happier! Practice makes perfect!

Also, if you are falling in love with this beautiful language and interested in learning it, please check out our beginners guide to learning Chinese – you will learn something fun and cool there!

Best luck!

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