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Our Story

Our Story

Our Inspiration

Like most of the tour companies in the world, Roam Free Tours started with one passionate traveler, one “on the road” inspired business idea, and one thriving journey of joy.

In 2017, Dinna, a super passionate travel & culture lover, was inspired by numerous city free walking tours she took during her four-month backpacking trip in South America. She decided to open the first free tour umbrella in Shanghai, which was and still is the only one in the entire mainland China. Day after day, tour after tour, mouth by mouth, upon till now our free walking tour (operated under the brand Free Tours China®) has welcomed 20,000+ global traveling friends who share our passion for new experiences, travel, and China.

During our tours, we always ask one question to every visitor: What’s your first impression of Shanghai? We hear “clean”, “safe”, “fantastic metro system”, “amazing food”, “friendly locals knowing zero English”…
Beyond the above, guess what the most common answer is?

“The China, we see, is so different from what we expected!”

Our Mission

We understand your desire to experience authentic China. Moving closer to the rest of the world commercially, China remains a remote destination for most visitors culturally, in language, and historically. Many things, we Chinese locals take for granted, may give you a brand-new insight or even an OMG moment in your eyes.

That’s why, proudly, we are here for you.

We are your city tour guide, translator, travel tips provider. Most importantly, we are your cultural ambassador showing you a REAL China. We’ll guide you through the real Chinese experiences beyond the basic sightseeing building tour and tedious Wikipedia suggestions. We’ll immerse you in the way we live and grow, in the rapid changes we witnessed every single day, in the occurrences making up every aspect of our lives that truly make China China.

Are you ready? We are set and well prepared. Welcome aboard!