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Uncover Shanghai’s Hidden Bars

For every alcohol lover/life enjoyer, there is always an exclusive selected bars list. Some of those bars may remain unknown to tourists, rarely mentioned by travel guidebooks, some located in hidden alleyways… There are hundreds of reasons why they are … Read More

Shopping in Shanghai: the City Offers All You Want!

Known as “the Paris of the east” and “China’s fashion capital,” Shanghai is a shopping paradise for everyone.  From luxury brands to unique boutiques, from fancy shopping malls to local wet markets, shopping is an indispensable part of your traveling … Read More

Shanghai Nightclubs & Rooftops

For many in modern China, Shanghai is a beacon promising work and wealth – it has a nickname as Mo Du, the ‘Magic City.’ It is a city full of energy, international vibe, fancy party, and entertainment. No matter how … Read More

The Top 7 Shanghai Dishes You Should Try

Food! Chinese cuisine is an important part of Chinese culture, which includes cuisine originating from the diverse regions of China. The preference for seasoning and cooking techniques depend on differences in historical background and ethnic groups.  Shanghai cuisine, usually known … Read More