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Hello China

Useful Apps and Websites in China

WeChat As China’s most popular messaging application, it is ubiquitous in everyday life. Chinese use Wechat to chat, post updates, make a payment, check the news, and so on. Using WeChat offers you the opportunity to experience Chinese daily life. … Read More

The Most Popular Cities to Visit in China

“How many days are needed to travel to China?” Well, our answer to you may be “UNLIMITED”. China is a vast country with so much diversity in history, culture, gastronomy, people. Besides Shanghai and Beijing, if you have more time … Read More

Important Days to Note in Chinese Calendar

When is the best and worst time to travel to China? When will there be the biggest tourist crowd? When is the best time to see some Chinesey atmosphere? There are many things to consider when planning a trip. You … Read More

Five Tips for High-Speed Train Travel in China

Do you know that the high-speed railway in China is as long as the rest of the world combined?  High-Speed Train (高铁 Gāo tiě) connect most of the main cities in China, making traveling throughout China super easy, fun, and … Read More

Beginners Guide to Learning Chinese

Knowing some basic survival Chinese may be just enough to get by in China. At the same time, we believe it may be another exciting journey if you are determined to go deeper into this world’s most difficult language! (Is … Read More

Survival Chinese Words that You May Need in China

We understand that the language barrier is always one of the biggest headaches for travelers like you in China, as Chinese seems to be a well-renowned difficult foreign language to master. Rest assured that most public signs in big cities … Read More